Welcome to the Churches of Boxford, Edwardstone, Groton, Little Waldingfield and Newton

The Box River Benefice is a group of warm and friendly churches set in beautiful villages in the Suffolk countryside. Whether you are an old hand to faith, a new explorer, just passing through or find yourself curious for no particular reason, you are most welcome indeed. Click the link below for times of services and events.


Powerhouses of Prayer for our Village Communities

Reaching out in Love

To find out about the times of our services and other events click here: https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/2190/page/41895/view/

A Spiritual Hub of the Community

As the Parish Churches in these villages, we are the spiritual heartbeat of our communities. We have sat at their heart for a thousand years or more and served local people in good times and bad, offering an opportunity for the landmarks of life to be commemorated through ritual and providing spiritual nurture, education, compassion, prayer and support to people of all ages and situations.

A Continuing Christian Presence

These churches continue to provide a focal point for local Christians to gather, worship and pray, as well as an important centre for the wider community. They are a gentle and positive witness to our communities. With your help and support, they can remain strong in number and ensure that these church communities are here for many generations to come.

Come and Join In

Whilst our buildings are beautiful, a church is only as good as the people who fill it. That means we need people like you, to come and explore God with us and help us to be enriched through your presence. Church is not about a story that ended 2000 years ago, it is about a living story that continues today and into the future. A Story of a community that lives for each other in hope and love. A community who expresses that through ancient ritual and practice and modern expression. So, don’t be shy. Be a part of an eternal story of love, community, support, goodness… Come along and be a part of the greatest living story ever told!

Singles, Families, Married, Divorced, Gay, Widowed, Children, Teenagers, Millennials, Thirties-somethings, Over-Forties, Mid-life, Approaching Retirement, Retired, Golden Years, Moonlight Years… If this describes you, or even if it doesn’t, then our churches are here for you!


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