Welcome to the Churches of Boxford, Edwardstone, Groton, Little Waldingfield and Newton

We are here for you! Through our services, study and activities we strive to journey deeper into the heart of God and grow more caring for our world by serving our communities. You will find our churches a delightful mix of ancient symbolism and gentle stilling space. Do pop in and spend a little time with God in these ancient powerhouses of prayer. We offer deepening and enriching services and our community is made up of people from many different spiritual backgrounds. We provide pastoral support to those who need it. This includes spiritual direction, confession, pastoral services, foodbanks, home communion, house blessings, healing ministry, ministry at the point of death and much more. Please do just get in touch anytime. It would be a blessing to have you join us.


We offer a range of services across the Benefice to ensure that you are able to access the worship you need on any given Sunday or on other days of the week.

Service Times, Events and Weekly Newsletter

To keep up to date with all our services, newsletter and events, please head over to A Church Near You website, which is updated regularly, providing up to date information about all five of our churches.

OR CLICK HERE: https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/2190/page/41895/view/


Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion, Mass)

The Holy Eucharist is the pulsating heartbeat of the Church. It runs centrally through the times and seasons keeping us engaged and grounded. It unites us to the first disciples, Christians worldwide and the body of saints eternal. These services are rich in symbolism and prayerfulness. Children are especially welcome. Every Sunday Holy Communion is celebrated at least once in the Benefice, but often there are two to choose from. On normal months the cycle of Holy Eucharists looks like this:

On the First Sunday of the month, the Holy Eucharist is offered at 9.30am (Little Waldingfield) and 11.00 am (Boxford)

On the Second Sunday of the month, the Holy Eucharist is offered at 9.30am (Groton) and 11am (Boxford).

On the Third Sunday of the month the Holy Eucharist is offered at 9.30am (Edwardstone) and 11am (Boxford).

On the Fourth Sunday of the month a Pilgrim Eucharist is celebrated at Boxford at 9.30am and the Holy Eucharist is also offered at 11am at Newton.

If there is a Fifth Sunday, the Holy Eucharist is offered in a Joint-Benefice service which rotates in turn around the different churches.

Every week, there is a Midweek Eucharist held at 10.00 am at Mary’s House, which is a Church-run Community Centre in the centre of Boxford Village (opposite the village store)

Simple Midweek Eucharist

A simple, reflective midweek Eucharist to help us to re-centre and settle. It takes place most Wednesdays at 10.00 am at the Benefice’s Community Space – Mary’s House, 5 Swan Street, Boxford.

Pilgrim Family and All-Age Services

Pilgrim Family and All-Age Services are a chance to experience church in a more informal way. Children are most welcome at any of our services and don’t be afraid to talk them through what is happening, especially in the Eucharist. But this service is certainly easier for them. Family and All-Age Services are not intended to replace other forms of worship, indeed they cannot, but it is a good place to start. It will introduce you gently into the life of the church, and we hope that, in time, you’ll feel the able to also join in the deeper stuff. Worship should never be confused with entertainment, that’s not what it is for, but Family and All Age Services will, we hope, be enjoyable and thought-provoking, providing space and comfort ideal for those early ventures through the church door. Family and All-Age Services are held on the Fourth Sunday of the Month at St May’s Church, Boxford and include children’s activities led by our dedicated children’s team.

Forest Church

Forest Church is a fresh expression of church drawing on much older traditions when sacred places and practices were outside – and it is also drawing on contemporary research that highlights the benefits of spending time with nature in wild places.

Forest Church isn’t just normal church happening outside, instead it attempts to participate with creation. And it isn’t just a fellowship group doing an outside activity, we aim to learn, worship, meditate, pray and practice with the trees, at the spring, in the outdoors…

Back for Summer 2023, this is all very exciting and we are busy finalising arrangements.

Morning Prayer

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we hold Morning Prayer on our Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/boxriverbenefice

Morning Worship is slightly more informal than usual Sunday services. They offer a chance to reflect and rejoice in a prayerful way with the rest of the community. Morning Worship happens on occasions when there is no Eucharist. Please look at the monthly schedule to find out when and where.

BCP Mattins is a service of traditional 17th Century language, which provides a deep spiritual richness (see monthly notices)

BCP Evensong is a rich traditional evening service that inspires in the late evening. BCP Evensong takes place every 2nd Sunday at 5.00pm (Boxford) and occasionally at the other churches in the Benefice (see monthly notices).

Compline, Taize Night Prayer, Celtic Evening Prayer and Healing Services take place (depending on the seasons) at least once a month, but in the summer more frequently. They are always on the first or third Sundays at 5.30pm and rotate around the churches of the Benefice (see monthly notices).

Let’s walk life’s journey together!

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