Spiritual Council & Confession

Many people find the need to seek spiritual council from time to time. We all accumulate baggage as we walk the journey of life. If we are not careful, this baggage can move us away from God and each other. This is why spiritual council is so important in order to keep our spiritual journey on course. Sometimes, we also need someone in whom we can confide and help us explore more honestly the burdens we carry- someone we know will not betray our trust by engaging in malicious gossip or slander. This is why parish priest’s are bound by their office to adhere to confidentiality. We are able to offer confidential spiritual guidance whenever you may need it. Individual confession is also sometimes important in order that our consciences may be clear and our souls pure, we offer and encourage this too. If you would like to explore any of these further, please contact FrRob on rparkermcgee@gmail.com

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