End of Life Ministry

For all people, life is a gift from God. Life is given as the opportunity to meet God in friendship and love; life is the journey to God; and the end goal of life is to live with God forever. Baptism has set the Christian on this pilgrimage of faith into an explicit and personal relationship with Christ who is ‘the Way’, within the Church which is the community of fellow pilgrims. The life and death experience of Jesus reveals that God has entered every aspect of human life, especially suffering. God knows what it is like to lose everything, even his own life. For the Christian, as natural life draws to an end, the goal of eternal life with God should be clear and the hope of its attainment should be evident. End of life is generally a time that spirituality and religion assumes a heightened significance. It is an opportunity to deepen one’s relationship with God. However, the physical, emotional and spiritual crises that characterise death can affect the Christian in many ways. Pastoral ministry to the dying Christian is essential to provide the assurance and the confidence that faith offers to the person and his or her family at this time. Sometimes this is called the Last Rites.
If we can help in this ministry, please contact:

In an emergency – Fr Rob on 01787 210434

To book a planned visit – our Administrator on 01787 828046, or boxriverbenefice@ gmail.com

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