Healing Ministry

Visiting the Sick

Our Parish Priest, Lay Pastoral Ministers and Visiting Team carry out this vital function. Our aim is to visit those who are sick or shut-in so that they may experience God’s love, kindness and compassion through his Church in a very special and personal way. If you or someone you know would benefit from a visit please contact Fr Rob here

Prayer and Anointing

As we receive the anointing in holy oil and the laying on of hands, we open ourselves to God’s healing grace and forgiveness. This is a quiet, prayerful and gentle ministry of love, offered in a safe, caring and supportive environment to those who come asking for God’s help. This can be done in the home or at church. If you or somebody you know would benefit from this deeply spiritual healing please contact Fr Rob here or join us at one of our Sacramental Healing Services on selected Sunday evenings.

Home Communion

Did you know that it is possible to have Holy Communion brought to people’s homes? This is most often done for the sick, but we are very willing to bring communion to those who are housebound for whatever reason. When we bring communion to your home, we use bread and wine blessed at a previous Sunday service and as we say our prayers and receive the body and blood of our Lord in your home, so we unite with the whole of God’s family in their weekly Eucharistic sacrifice. If you or somebody you know would like to receive communion at home please contact Fr Rob here

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