Christenings and Baptisms


Christenings in the Box River Benefice

If you are looking at this page, you may be thinking about a Christening (Baptism) for yourself or one of your children.  If so, we’re delighted that you’ve made it this far and we look forward to welcoming you in the Box River Benefice.  Our churches offer baptism to everyone and we aim to make it a rewarding and memorable experience.

A big part of Baptism is entry into the Church community, with the community of faith present to welcome the newly baptised. That can’t happen if the community is not present. As such, we are able to offer baptism at any of our usual Sunday morning services.

To book an appointment at one of our meetings in order to enquire about christening and baptism, then please contact

Check out the Church of England website too, at

Christening and Baptism

Baptism (or Christening) is one of the Church’s sacraments – a visible sign of God’s love for us in which he bestows upon us his life giving grace. Baptism plunges us into the risen life of Jesus. Through baptism we die to our old way of life and rise with him into a new way of being within his Church. Baptism marks the first step on the journey of faith. For adults, this is often combined with Confirmation – a sacrament marking a commitment to God and becoming an active Christian.

Children are brought to baptism by their parents. Together, parents and Godparents promise to nurture these children in the Christian faith and life of the Church. This carries with it a commitment to bring them to church regularly and encourage them in their faith as they grow up, especially at times when other agendas may begin getting in the way. When they and their parents feel that the time is right, they would then be admitted to Holy Communion and Confirmation.

If a parent wished their child to grow up with a chance of becoming a doctor or a scientist, they wouldn’t refuse to educate them in science. No, they would educate them in science so that when the time came for them to begin thinking about their career path they had the facts at their disposal to make an informed choice. Well the same is true for Christianity. If we wish for our children to grow up with the option of becoming good Christians able to make balanced moral decisions as adults, then we need to give them a good Christian education as children. Baptism can be the first step on this journey (followed by Sunday School and Church involvement).

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