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Powerhouses of Prayer for our Village Communities


Our churches are open for private prayer. Do pop in and spend a little time with God. In order to ensure that our churches are safe places for everyone, each church has strict hygiene protocols in place, please follow them when in the building.

St Mary’s Boxford – Everyday

All Saints’ Newton – Everyday

St Bartholomew’s Groton – Everyday

St Lawrence’s Little Waldingfield – Everyday

St Mary the Virgin Edwardstone – Everyday


If you would like an update on the latest news and events, please visit:

our Facebook page

the Box River News

or email


We are returning to communal worship in a safe and staged manner as from 28th March 2021. We will be following protocols to ensure that everyone can worship together safely. Please do follow them. Please bring a mask with you.

We will be continuing to live stream as many services as possible via Facebook and other online media – a brilliant way to get your spiritual fix if you are stuck at home.

You can access our live-streamed services at 
Copies of services that we will be following can be found here:

Whatever the current situation throws up, a Holy Eucharist will be offered every Sunday, even during lockdowns. The Eucharist is the service that offers us the opportunity to encounter God in community united through our communal engagement in his Body. Through it we are to be the ‘Body of Christ’ as we unite together in worship through the Eucharistic Sacrifice being offered on behalf of the whole body and in our coming together as one.

Morning Prayer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Midweek Eucharist every Wednesday. Evening Prayer or Compline frequently.

If you are unable to access these services online, you can still pray the services with us in your homes knowing that we will be doing them together as a Church community at these times. Service sheets can be found here: Service Sheets

Reaching out in Love

If you or someone you know needs pastoral or spiritual support, please let us know by contacting:


Telephone: 01787 210434

Bring and Share Foodbank

Many people are struggling at the moment. Please support our BRING AND SHARE FOODBANK by ‘Taking what you need and leaving what you can’. You will find it located in the North Porch of St Mary’s Church Boxford.

To find out about the times of our services and other events click here:

A Spiritual Hub of the Community

As the Parish Churches in these villages, we are the spiritual heartbeat of our communities. We have sat at their heart for a thousand years or more and served local people in good times and bad, offering an opportunity for the landmarks of life to be commemorated through ritual and providing spiritual nurture, education, compassion, prayer and support to people of all ages and situations.

A Continuing Christian Presence

These churches continue to provide a focal point for local Christians to gather, worship and pray, as well as an important centre for the wider community. They are a gentle and positive witness to our communities. With your help and support, they can remain strong in number and ensure that these church communities are here for many generations to come.

Come and Join In

Whilst our buildings are beautiful, a church is only as good as the people who fill it. That means we need people like you, to come and explore God with us and help us to be enriched through your presence. Church is not about a story that ended 2000 years ago, it is about a living story that continues today and into the future. A Story of a community that lives for each other in hope and love. A community who expresses that through ancient ritual and practice and modern expression. So, don’t be shy. Be a part of an eternal story of love, community, support, goodness… Come along and be a part of the greatest living story ever told!

Singles, Families, Married, Divorced, Gay, Widowed, Children, Teenagers, Millennials, Thirties-somethings, Over-Forties, Mid-life, Approaching Retirement, Retired, Golden Years, Moonlight Years… If this describes you, or even if it doesn’t, then our churches are here for you!


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